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Raw Lime Honey (250g)

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What could be better than our pure raw honey? While pure raw honey with a twist of lime of course! Harvested in Romania and using only the finest natural ingredients our lime honey offers you a stunning flavour that you’ll never forget. 

With a sharp and unique aroma this is a honey that is a joy to all the senses and is a beautiful golden colour. Fruity with hints of citrus and a tangy full taste this honey is perfect for fruit lovers and the perfect extra ingredient for a number of popular dishes. 

Whether it’s being served alongside a salad at a barbecue, with a hot cup of tea or you’re simply enjoying a spoonful on its own our sparkling pure lime honey will always taste amazing.

Offers a sharper more citrusy taste.

A bewitching and enticing aroma.

Very versatile and goes well with an array of food and drink.

Size: 250G

Colour: Yellow

Texture: Set

Sweetness: Sweet with a hint of Zestiness!

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