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Black Seed Oil & Cod Liver Oil Capsules

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Unlike most fish oils that are extracted from the tissue of oily fish, cod liver oil is extracted directly from the liver of the cod fish which is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A and D as well as Omega 3- Fatty Acids. These essential vitamins and class of fatty acids each play an essential role in how they are stored in the body and aid in maintaining general overall health. With the powerful combination of Black seed and cod liver oils this supplement is a great 2 in 1 for your everyday health and wellness needs.

Each 500mg softgel capsule contains the following:
Cod Liver Oil (Fish) 375mg,
Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) 125mg

Directions: As a food supplement, take one softgel capsule twice daily, preferably with meals.

Ingredients: Pure Cold Pressed Ethiopian Black Seed Oil (aka Nigella Sativa, Cumin) Cod Liver Oil (Fish), Capsule Shell (Gelatine, Glycerine).

Cod Liver Oil has a diverse history behind its use from ancestral cultures such as Eskimos and fishing communities of Scotland and Norway. These cultures and communities are from cold regions where the days were short and sunlight was scarce. Due to the scarcity of sunlight during that time, people became severely malnourished and highly deficient in Vitamin D, which is an essential component of good bone health. This lead to a plague of children becoming affected by rickets disease, which is caused by Vitamin D deficiency that greatly affected the formation of bones and joints. Cod liver oil was used to treat this aliment and restore the body’s natural bone health.

The benefits of our black seed and cod liver oil softgel are as follows:

    • Reduces chronic inflammation in the body due to osteoarthritis. (*Vitamin A, Blackseed oil)
    • Improves brain function and health (*Omega 3 fatty acids)
    • Maintains and strengthens good bone health (*Vitamin D&A)
    • Strengthens eye vision and fights eye disorders such as glaucoma (*Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins A&D)
    • Prevention of diseases in the body’s vital organs such as kidney, liver, and heart.
    • Strengthens the immune system (*Vitamin A, D, Omega 3’s, Blackseed oil)
    • Lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol (*Blackseed oil)
    • The added benefit of thymoquinone which is found primarily in Nigella Sativa (Black seed) has been medically proven to have antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

*These components are what essentially aid in remedying the underlying illness

*These statements have not been evaluated by DEFRA. This product is not meant to treat, cure, and/or diagnose any illness or disease.*

Vitamins are split in two categories: Fat Soluble and Water Soluble.

Fat soluble vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E, and K) are  found in plant and animal foods. They are absorbed by the body and travel through the lymphatic system in addition to our blood circulation. Additionally, fat soluble vitamins are able to dissolve in fats and oils. The end results? These fat-soluble vitamins are packed away in our body tissues and will remain there in order to provide us with excellent nutrition. Water Soluble vitamins (vitamins B and C) carry out a similar process however they are not stored in the body tissues and can only dissolve in water. After water soluble vitamins are taken into our body, it is released by means of our excretory system.


Vitamins A and D (Fat Soluble Vitamins):

      • Vitamin A comes from animal derived foods, known as retinol as well as from fruits and veggies known as carotenoids. Vitamin A plays a critical role in maintaining healthy vision as well as neurological function. In addition, vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant and has been medically proven to reduce pain associated with inflammation which has been dubbed the root cause of all illness and disease

Vitamin D is unique in that it does not need to necessarily be extracted from plants or animals. The best way our body absorbs vitamin D is through exposure of the sun, which is known as the “natural” Vitamin D3. But what happens when we are not exposed to the sun frequently due to lifestyle, work, or the climate/region we live in? Fortunately, Vitamin D has made its way into supplements by two key forms: Vitamin D2 and D3 by means of infusing yeast and molds or animal oils and cholesterol. This infusing process creates the D3 our body naturally absorbs and needs in a simple supplemental form.

Unlike vitamin D3, Omega 3 Fatty Acids are not created in our body naturally. We obtain it through means of foods and supplements. The name “Omega 3” comes about because there are three (3) essential variants of this fatty acid known as Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). ALA is found primarily in plant oils while DHA and EPA are found in fish and seafood. Each form of Omega 3 Fatty acids plays an essential role in strengthening your body on a cellular level.  

Now add in the amazing benefits of Black seed Oil! If you are not already familiar with black seed oil’s health and healing benefits, let us fill you in! Visit our section that details and outlines the amazing qualities of the blessed black seed here.

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